Things to Consider before Choosing a Port Coquitlam CPA

If you are running a small or a big business, you will always need an accountant so he or she can track the cash flow in the firm.

Therefore it is essential that you invest on a good accountant who is reliable and has enough knowledge and skills about all accounting books. So choosing a good accountant is the best decision every firm can make as not only do you save time but they help your business to grow as well.

Let’s look at the things that one should consider before hiring an accountant.

• Qualifications.

It is good that you make sure that you get the right accountant as if you make a mistake in choosing, your business financial status is at risk. Therefore before you hire an accountant to ask them the value, they will add to your business. Also, take your time and research on the best firm that offers accounting services. Select like four candidates and interview them and from there choose the best one that you feel will add value to your business. Also, experience matters a lot, how long has this person been working in this field? The more years he has been in the industry, the more he has knowledge and skills.

• Registration.

A good Coquitlam accountant or individual should be registered. This is because for you to do an online tax return, they should be recorded as well. Also, this shows that the person is genuine and indeed a qualified accountant.

• Charges.

This is another crucial thing to look at. A safe and reliable accountant should charge you a pocket-friendly price. In case you find a person that is charging too low it is advisable that you think twice before hiring them as their services may not be reliable.

• Customer services.

This is another thing you should consider. You need a person that can relate well with you and other people around you as well. He should be a solid pick up the phone when you call and also respond to emails on time or even talk on Facebook, it is the future! Therefore ensure the accountant has excellent services and courteous as well.

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Who is a business broker? What do they do?

A business broker is a mediator who is dedicated to serving a buyer and a seller who want to sell or purchase a business. You can simply use a business broker to sell your businesses.

He or she is closely associated with real estate agents. However, unlike real estate agents who sell as well as leases commercial space, homes, or even apartments a business broker is a professional in the selling of existing franchises and businesses.

A business broker’s responsibility includes. Confidentiality is a major component. Securing every communication about your business using strict NDA documents offers the maximum levels of confidentiality, to protect your business, its marketability, credit as well as assets.

Key to selling your business

Another major component is qualified purchasers. A business broker must fully qualify purchasers by experience, credit, and financial ability before they access any information regarding your business. A purchaser’s references, financial resources, experiences, qualifications and background must be examined. This is why different brokers work in different fields, such as promoting restaurants for sale.

A business broker offers you with information as well as listings about business that are available for sale which you can’t know on your own.

Also, a business broker can be utilized like the bad guy. Frank Pupo – Vancouver Business Brokerage says: “While negotiating with the seller, you must let the broker provide any bad commentary or news that you might have. The main reason has been you are going to require the seller’s assistance in finalizing the deal as well as afterward you will require the seller’s aid for training.”

A business broker is significant in closing business deals efficiently as well as the satisfaction of both the seller and buyer. The business broker ears a commission for every sale he or she facilitates.

A broker will offer sellers and buyers every necessary information required to close the businesses for sale. The owner of the business will focus on running their businesses while the broker manages the whole sales process. Time is money in business, and the business broker saves a lot of time for the clients.

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What You Should Never Do When Hiring Home Health Care Services In Vancouver

When home health care services became fairly new to the Vancouver area a few years ago, I remember having an elderly neighbor who had hired one of these agencies to sit with them at night to help keep an eye on her ailing husband so that she could get some sleep. Despite the fact that this couple was in their 80s, they were still very sharp mentally. While the female caregiver was in pretty fair health, just the feeling of having someone else in the house at night allowed her to sleep much easier – until one night when she got up to go to the bathroom and saw that the home health care worker was asleep on the sofa! Not only did the worker take the opportunity to do this, but they also smoked in the house as well. After all of this, the home health care agency was terminated and told they were no longer permitted to work there again.

Sadly, the husband passed away not long after this; however, this entire experience made the wife feel extremely uncomfortable about the mere thought of home health care services in general. Defined, home health care is something that a lot of elderly individuals prefer if members of their own family are unable to provide this kind of care for them themselves.

All in all, there’s a lot to take into account when it comes to hiring a home health care service because you’re essentially allowing complete strangers into your home. Of course, the first thing you should do is look for an agency that is well known in your area of residence. It doesn’t have to be a large one; however, be sure to obtain as many references as possible, and take the time to check each and every one of them. This is because any agency can end up having someone who was unhappy with their services for virtually any reason at all. On the other hand, they could have someone who was completely happy with them.

There are also a few things that you should never do when it comes to hiring a home health care service in Vancouver, such as the following:

Never Assume that Backup Care Will Be Provided

Always ask about backup care when the time comes to decide on a home health care agency to hire. There is one woman that I know who had to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sleeping on her elderly aunt’s sofa simply because the home health care service assigned to her didn’t provide backup care for the holidays. Furthermore, the in home senior care caregiver who was supposed to come ended up having her plane get delayed. Always ask an agency if a sufficient amount of backup staffing is provided for various types of emergencies and occasions.

Watch Out for “Revolving Door” Caregivers

Talk to agencies about whether or not they will assign the same caregiver to a home. Imagine one person showing up to provide your loved one with something such as a bath, then when they’ve gotten adjusted to that person after a while, other different people begin to show up. This is something that can upset your elderly family member as time goes on. Furthermore, due to vacations and other instances when a different person may need to come to the home, it’s definitely a good idea to have your family member get used to the idea of at least two or three different people coming to help them; however, Strive Living says the agency should always make an effort to send the same people each time in a rotation.

Keep an Eye Out for Hidden Costs

Another major issue regarding home health care is the actual cost of this service. I remember a neighbor of mine coming home from the hospital one time following an injury, which is when we first became aware of just how the home health care business works. In fact, the hospital never even stated that he would be able to choose from a list of different agencies to work with, and even though I was in the business myself, I was still fairly new at it. My neighbor became used to my company every day, and I would always stay with him for about an hour or so every day. However, the hospital said he needed certain services, so we just took their word for it and figured it was included in his Medicaid coverage. No one had told us anything different.

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Smart Tips For Buying Household Appliances In Surrey

If you are planning to purchase a new appliance shortly, the following guidelines will give you some sage advice that will net you a better deal and save you money. In Surrey, you will find a variety of places where you can purchase household appliances, such as Sears, Best Buy, Lowes and several others. While you are out shopping, keep the following tips in mind:

Be Clear On What You Need?

Before you leave your home, it might be a good idea to decide exactly what it is you need. Appliances these days can be technical and complicated, offering many bells and whistles you may think are cool, but probably not necessary for the appliance to do what it needs to do. Fridges, for example; you can buy a Samsung tablet fridge. You might now be wondering, what a tablet fridge is? Which is exactly the point? Doing your research on what is available will help you decide what you need versus what you don’t.

Choosing a product that will use less power, and keep your perishables cold is all you need when it comes to a refrigerator. The handy ice maker on the door would be nice, but do you need it? It does sound wonderful to have a fridge that makes ice for your drinks but think about how much extra your refrigerator will cost if you decide you want this feature.

Be Willing to Barter:

When you purchase a car, there is always room for negotiation, in-fact car salesman thrives on this game. Even if you have never negotiated for anything before, why not give it a try. Some employees are paid bonuses if they sell high priced items or might even work on commission. Even if that is not the case with the store you choose in Surrey; it doesn’t matter, sales assistants know they earn respect from their co-workers and managers if they are good at closing the deal. This means that many sale people who work in appliance stores love playing this game.

If you intend on paying cash for your appliance, negotiating a lower price can often get you a discount, so it is worth asking for a discount for cash. You also might want to consider making an offer on the store’s display model. Some stores will quite often give the customer a better deal on the display model. Even if you do not succeed in negotiating a better deal, there is no harm in asking. Even if the manager or sales assistant does not discount the price, he or she may offer free delivery or a free extended warranty.

Do Your Research On Price At All Outlets:

Many of the top appliance store in Surrey, BC will offer to match a lower price on the same item found somewhere else. This is why it is really important to do your research on the price of the appliance you want at the outlets it is available. Some outlets will even offer a small percentage off the purchase price. You can download a barcode scanning application to your phone, so you can keep track of prices at each outlet.

If you choose to buy your appliance online, Best Buy are one outlet that will match the price if you find a lower price elsewhere. In some cases even if you’ve already purchased your appliance, you might be eligible to receive a refund if prices go down after you’ve bought the item. This is called a price adjustment policy, which would probably have a time limit.

Buy A Second-Hand Appliance:

A terrific way to save money on a household appliance is to buy pre-owned items. Great savings can be made here, and you might even get lucky and receive a short term warranty. This depends on the secondhand store’s policy. Always do your research on the appliance you want, so that you know what to look for regarding whether the appliance is faulty or not.

You can buy online from a site like Craigslist or Ebay, and your appliance will be delivered to you. Do your research on what it is likely to cost to have the appliance delivered to your door. If you buy locally in Surrey, and it’s convenient, you may be able to save on delivery costs and pick up the item yourself. Some online outlets might even offer free shipping.

Keep An Eye Out For Cosmetic Damage:

If you find an appliance with minor scratches in the paint or tiny dents, you could get the item for a terrific price. Even it the box is torn, the store may be willing to knock ten percent or more off the retail price. For instance, minor scratches in the paint of a fridge could see you buying it a lot cheaper than retail.

Many online outlets have offers on appliances that have minor cosmetic damage, try checking out sites like Goedeker’s. Another benefit of shopping online is that some online appliance stores will offer delivery for free. This can save you quite a lot of money if you don’t mind a few chips in the enamel of your new washing machine or a small dent in your new fridge.

Go Shopping During The Sales:

The holiday sales usually include big discounts on appliances, such as televisions, dishwashers, stereo systems and many other items. Usually, these stores are trying to move certain items to make room for new stock. Older models are often marked down, and these prices usually equate to a pretty good deal.

Shops like Ben’s Appliances often have sales all the time over the year.

If you are shopping for a refrigerator, wait until June. This is when the newer models are released, and the store will knock the price down on older models. You are not missing anything if you don’t buy a new model when it comes to a fridge. An older model will serve your purposes just fine. The newer models are just changes to the style and appearance.

Use Gift Cards And Coupons:

Some gift cards also include discounts, and if you have coupons, you stand to save a lot more. Keep an eye out for special promotions offering discounts to gift card shoppers. If you know you are going to be in the market for that new television, it is a great idea to hold onto any gift cards you receive for stores that sell the appliance you want.

You can also jump online and go to GiftCardGranny. They offer gift cards at a discount of anywhere up to ten percent off, which helps you save on big ticket items. You can buy gift cards on this site for Lowes and The Home Depot. If you have coupons for your chosen store, this can save you even more on your new appliance. Often these coupons are available via the outlet’s loyalty programs which many of the big stores have implemented for consumers.

Figure Out What Your Appliance Will Cost To Run:

You might be buying a washing machine. One of the first things you should research is how much it is going to add to your power bill to operate it. You will save money on a yearly basis if you choose an appliance that does not use an excess of energy to run. You should also research ways that you can save on your power bills, such as when to use a cold wash or a hot wash cycle, using a cold wash as often as you can save you money on your energy bills. Also, bear in mind the costs of installation and delivery, and there also might be a fee if you call someone to come and get your old washing machine, particularly if it is not operational anymore.

Extended Warranties Aren’t Necessary:

If you do agree to the extended warranty, then you are paying around $120 extra that is of little benefit to you. Consumer experts all agree that the extended warranty does not benefit the customer. You should refuse the extended warranty no matter how much the sales people insist that you need it and some sales people could be pushy about this. The best thing you can do to make sure you get value for money from your new appliance is looked after it.

For example, if you have bought a new television. Make sure it is dusted regularly so that no dust can get inside the appliance. Clean your television according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you make sure that all care is taken with your new appliance, you really should get at least five to ten years use out of the product. Sometimes things do go wrong, but for the most part, the warranty that comes with the appliance at no extra cost is all you need.

Save Money By Claiming A Rebate On Your Old Appliance:

There is still a rebate offered to customers in the market for a new appliance. A government initiative called Cash for Appliances will pay customers up to $250 if they trade in their old appliance for a new appliance. The other condition is that the consumer needs to purchase an energy efficient appliance, the benefits being that they save money on their powers bills and get a great deal on a new appliance. The government benefits by reducing consumer energy consumption, which is believed to benefit the environment. Sears advertise a rebate offer to their customers.

Decide What To Do With Your Old Appliance:

Depending on the condition of your old appliance, you may be able to list it on Craig’s List or other online auction or sale websites. Appliance repair shops may also be interested in buying your non-working appliance for the parts. Another option could be selling your old appliance to a scrap metal yard. Sometimes the scrap metal companies will offer to pick it up. You may find an article on Popular Mechanics interesting regarding selling scrap metal.

Using the ideas above you may be able to put the funds towards your new appliance. Another idea would be to swap an old appliance that works for a service or perhaps even a second-hand appliance. You may want to consider searching the web for a buy, swap and sell website that is in the Surrey area.

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Choosing playground equipment in Vancouver

Anyone who is planning to buy playground equipment for a school or an institution must take many factors into consideration before making any decision. Some of the things that require being considered are such as kind of material utilized, the level of fun it can offer, and the age group of those who will utilize them. Apart from this, many other things require being considered in selecting playground equipment.

Consider the age group

Suttle Recreation says: The initial thing that requires being done is to break the equipment alternatives into three age classes: toddlers – infant school (1 to 6 years old), junior school 7 to 11 years old, as well as teens. The biggest mistake made by administrators is trying to accommodate all the age classes into just a single place. However, it is possible, though it may be unsuccessful and might pose a danger to the kids.
Nowadays, several younger children won’t wish to play at a place filled with teens as they are frightened of retaliation. In selecting playground equipment, you should consider at least one or two of this age group as well as focus on them. Or separate the playing grounds so as the smaller kids might feel very comfortable when playing.

Children as well as their imagination

Also, it is significant to understand that smaller kids frequently have huge imaginations. By making greater utilization of playground graphics into the playground can be a useful way of promoting the use of imagination, hence keeping kids active. Imaginative equipment like the use of castles, wooden ships and trains can enhance the minds of the smaller kids to travel anyplace they wish to be when staying in the safety grounds. Also selecting playgroup equipment that rocks and moves, like horses and swings, proves to be famous as smaller kids fell more comfortable playing with equipment that rock.

Older kids at junior school are adventurous. Hence, it is significant to develop confidence and coordination at this age. Climbing frame and adventure trails are ideal for developing these skills. Also, the older children might be attracted to the clever combination of play sports equipment and high-level adventure. This can offer the assurance that even the tough teens won’t resist joining the others at playtime. This is why it is important to get good Playground Equipment Vancouver BC – Design & Build.
Selecting playground equipment might involve tailor-made equipment. Remember that compromising on cheap materials and low quality might compromise the kids’ safety. Therefore, it is significant to select a reliable provider who can offer top-quality equipment.

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Property Management Fees in Vancouver

There are different property management companies which have a range of fees depending on certain factors. Ideally, it is not advisable to settle for the lowest charging company because your valuable property may not be safe or well managed.

Before settling on a fee, you should consider:

• What other firms are charging
• Variety of services provided by the company
• Quality of services provided

Although most people may opt to go for the companies which are offering low prices of the services they offer, you should be very cautious before making a decision. Under-pricing companies show that they may either be providing poor services which are not dependable or they are trying to attract more customers with their low prices. For a company to realize profits with such low pricing, their managers are most likely given a lot of duties than they can handle leading to poor management.

Price should be the last thing you consider before hiring a management company. Therefore, this should be after you’ve considered all the other factors, narrowed down to a few companies which have different prices. You should remember that all fees are negotiable and hence you should always try negotiating for the lowest prices to avoid losing a lot of cash managing your property.

To know how much your property management will cost in Vancouver, you should ask your prospective management firms about the following fees:

Management fee

Ideally, commercial and residential property management fees differ significantly, but they have a range between 4-12 %of monthly rent. However, management fees differ depending on many factors which include:
• The number of property you need to be managed
• Location of your property
• The services included in management fees
• The number of units in each property
• Current condition of the property
• Market is also a factor which makes fees to differ e.g. Vancouver market will differ with Los Angeles market; Property Management Vancouver & Burnaby – Ascent Real Estate says even the difference from Vancouver to Burnaby can be drastic.

You should consider the above factors, and then you find out the fees which are billed from your account before settling on a property management company.

Vacancy fee

Here, some companies charge a monthly fee of about $50 when a new tenant is brought on board. However, other companies still expect to collect monthly management fee even though you are not getting rent. To avoid this misunderstanding, you should be very keen when signing the contract due to the language used. To be on the safer side, make sure that the contract reads that management fees should be deducted from rent collected and not from scheduled rent. Ensuring this will guarantee that you are not paying management fees in case a tenant stops paying rent. Ascent Real Estate advises you to leave a property management company if the vacancy fees are too high.

Set up fee

Set up fee is the management fee which is set aside for the time invested in setting up another account. This fee ranges $0-$300 depending on many factors. You should ask if the fees are paid per unit or for the whole property which is under management to avoid future problems due to payment method. Also, you should enquire whether it will make a difference if the unit is occupied or not.

Leasing fees

This fee is common although most property owners prefer it being included in management fees for the management company to find long term tenants instead. Leasing fee is paid to managers for the efforts, time and costs incurred in getting you a new tenant. A good management company mostly depends on the management fees rather than the leasing fees to make their primary profit. However, if you are lucky enough to get long term tenants, you will benefit because you will not have to pay leasing fees which could turn out very expensive.

Depending on many factors, tenants may vacate from time to time making it hard for you to keep up with leasing fees. However, you should do a little background check of the management company you are hiring to have an idea of what they are offering and how much you will incur. Having a lot of information about a company, the services they offer and their rates gets you in a better position to negotiate a fair deal as well as getting quality services.

Even though there are many property management companies, taking your time before deciding to trust a certain property management company to take care of your property is a better approach to avoid frustrations in future.

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Air Conditioning in Vancouver- What You Need to Know

Earlier long, people used to see air conditioners like extravagance appliances since they had limited uses only during cold and warm seasons. Unlike boilers, hot water heaters and a furnace which were common in most homes, air conditioners were only found in some homes around Vancouver. This, has, however, changed after homeowners have seen the immense benefits of having an A/C unit in a home.

If you have not installed an A/C unit in your home, there a number of considerations you should into place. Some of these considerations are:

The size of the area you want to cool

Most people prefer investing in an A/C unit which will only cool their bedroom. You should understand that these kind of units are limited to cooling only a small size of an area, unlike central air conditioning systems. Central air conditioners are an expensive investment but they are capable of maintaining a conducive cool environment in the whole house. Depending on your needs, you can just invest in the most affordable unit. In Vancouver air conditioning can be very cheap to install in winter.

Installing an air conditioner or a heat pump

A heat pump is a dual purpose appliance because it will cool your home during summer and heat it up during cold winters. However, a heat pump is more expensive due to its dual purpose feature.

Consider whether you’ve ducts in your home

Having ducts can determine the kind of system you will install in your home. If you don’t have ducts, you will probably installing a ductless system or a mini split system which is less expensive since it does not require ducts. On the other hand, if you have a duct system already installed, it is advisable to install a standard cooling system which will work best in your house.

Whether you live in a strata house

Canada Furnace Heating and Cooling warned us however: “A strata house needs special preparations where you need to cut a hole through the wall to install an air conditioning system. This cannot be done because you need the approval of a property manager or strata council to have a go ahead. Knowing where you live works better since you will be knowing what you are supposed to do before installing or hiring a company to install an A/C system in your house.”

With the current abrupt changes in climate due to globalisation, most homeowners have decided to elevate comfort in their homes by just installing air conditioners. Consider the above discussed factors to avoid frustrations and make sure to “use the same strategies to your upcoming furnace repair and replacements as well as well.” says Tuitools – Furnace Repair Surrey.

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When A Personal Injury Lawyer Should Be Employed For An ICBC Claim

If you have been injured in an accident and sustained an injury, you should employ the services of a personal injury lawyer. The severity of the accident can cause you to have to put your life on hold. This means that you must take time

ICBC is like any other insurance company. They want to save money and solve the case. This is why professionals, like Tim Louis & Company exist.

away from work, which could have adverse effects on your household.

Filing a claim without proper legal guidance can be daunting. Employing the services of an injury lawyer can simplify the process. The lawyer will compile the paperwork needed to help you with the claim. Hiring a lawyer will require you to pay the attorneys legal fees, but in the end, the cost of the service will be justified. Knowing when to employ the services of a legal profession can save you time and money.

If the injury that you have sustained is going to last longer than a few weeks, or the person who is at fault for the accident has not been identified, a lawyer should be called. The lawyer can help sort through the case if it becomes complicated or if there are conflicting stories. Be aware that Vancouver personal injury lawyer‘s will take a fee from the winning proceeds to pay for their services.

Injury attorneys offer their services for severe circumstances. If a minor accident occurs, that will not require you to take a substantial amount of time away from your daily duties; ICBC should be used. The ICBC will pay the claimant a substantial fee to keep the issue out of court and eliminate the need to hire an attorney.

Attorneys will drag out the claim process, which will increase the expense to the defendant. The ICBC will settle the case quickly. However, if the injuries sustained are substantial, and recovery times are extensive a lawyer should be called in. If a minor injury becomes a major injury, hiring a lawyer will help you ensure that you obtain a considerable amount of compensation for your troubles.

Never settle a claim without seeking legal advice. If the claim is resolved outside of court, and the injuries sustained escalate, you will not be able to take the defendant back to court once the claim has been settled. Once an injury has been sustained due to the negligence of an opposing party, you must file your claim immediately. There are filing deadlines that exist for personal injuries, giving claimants a few weeks to seek compensation for their injuries.

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All you need to know about Vancouver City

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, Vancouver is the capital of British Columbia.
Concentrated on a peninsula, downtown Vancouver resembles  to those of other North American cities, characterized by high glass towers and parallel streets.
Standing out for its multiculturalism, Vancouver is considered one of the most enjoyable cities in the world.

The city of Vancouver has approximately 595,000 inhabitants (2006 estimate).


The city was named after Captain Georges Vancouver who prospected British Columbia in 1792.
With a pleasant climate and a rich environment, Vancouver and its surroundings already had a large population of Native Americans before its arrival. 3000 years ago, the “Wu’muthkweyum” or “Grassland” tribe occupied the site, specifically at the mouth of the Fraser River.

In 1774, the Spaniards were the first Westerners to arrive on the territory. They learned very quickly the negotiation of skins with the natives, seasoned hunters of seals and whales.

The arrival of Captain Cook on Vancouver Island in 1778, announced the beginning of commercial hostilities between Spanish and English.
Following the discovery of gold in the Fraser River, Vancouver attracts a growing crowd of researchers from California and other countries.

Vancouver was officially notified as a British colony in 1859. Its economy also increased with the felling of trees for the construction of the masts of ships and the exploitation of timber for construction.
The attachment of British Columbia to the Confederation of the Dominion of Canada was decided in 1875 with the advent of a transcontinental railway network. The latter was established in 1885 although its realization in the Rocky Mountains was a challenge.
In the midst of economic expansion, the city grew in the 20th century, partly due to the massive arrival of immigrants from the rest of the country and the Asian countries.
Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


Vancouver is a Canadian city located in the southwest of the territory, 38 km from the United States. It is bordered to the west by the Pacific, to the north by Fraser River and to the east by mountains culminating at 1500 meters and more. Its temperate climate and winter showers are favorable to its abundant flora and its phenomenal forests. It is often the scene of earthquakes, because the territory is on a geological fault.

How to get around town?

The city of Vancouver offers various modes of transportation, Bus, Train, Taxi, Car Rental or Bike.
The bus: the bus network in and around Vancouver is managed by Translink.
The train: two Skytrain Skytrain lines operate in Vancouver.
Taxi: private taxi companies provide passenger transport 7 days a week.
Car Rental: Most international companies have agencies in Vancouver, the airport and downtown.
The bike: the bike is ideal to discover the city. Vancouver has many bike paths, including around Stanley Park.

What to see in Vancouver?

The capital of British Columbia has many sights to see. Tourists will mainly visit Stanley Park on Grandville Island to discover its market and art galleries at Grouse Mountain, accessible by cable car, on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, the highest and longest Pedestrians of the world, as well as Gastown, the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver, to see its famous steam clock.
Other sites such as the Harbor Center Observation Tower, Vancouver Museum of Fine Arts, and the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology will also attract visitors.

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