Earlier long, people used to see air conditioners like extravagance appliances since they had limited uses only during cold and warm seasons. Unlike boilers, hot water heaters and a furnace which were common in most homes, air conditioners were only found in some homes around Vancouver. This, has, however, changed after homeowners have seen the immense benefits of having an A/C unit in a home.

If you have not installed an A/C unit in your home, there a number of considerations you should into place. Some of these considerations are:

The size of the area you want to cool

Most people prefer investing in an A/C unit which will only cool their bedroom. You should understand that these kind of units are limited to cooling only a small size of an area, unlike central air conditioning systems. Central air conditioners are an expensive investment but they are capable of maintaining a conducive cool environment in the whole house. Depending on your needs, you can just invest in the most affordable unit. In Vancouver air conditioning can be very cheap to install in winter.

Installing an air conditioner or a heat pump

A heat pump is a dual purpose appliance because it will cool your home during summer and heat it up during cold winters. However, a heat pump is more expensive due to its dual purpose feature.

Consider whether you’ve ducts in your home

Having ducts can determine the kind of system you will install in your home. If you don’t have ducts, you will probably installing a ductless system or a mini split system which is less expensive since it does not require ducts. On the other hand, if you have a duct system already installed, it is advisable to install a standard cooling system which will work best in your house.

Whether you live in a strata house

Canada Furnace Heating and Cooling warned us however: “A strata house needs special preparations where you need to cut a hole through the wall to install an air conditioning system. This cannot be done because you need the approval of a property manager or strata council to have a go ahead. Knowing where you live works better since you will be knowing what you are supposed to do before installing or hiring a company to install an A/C system in your house.”

With the current abrupt changes in climate due to globalisation, most homeowners have decided to elevate comfort in their homes by just installing air conditioners. Consider the above discussed factors to avoid frustrations and make sure to “use the same strategies to your upcoming furnace repair and replacements as well as well.” says Tuitools – Furnace Repair Surrey.

Air Conditioning in Vancouver- What You Need to Know
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