If you are planning to purchase a new appliance shortly, the following guidelines will give you some sage advice that will net you a better deal and save you money. In Surrey, you will find a variety of places where you can purchase household appliances, such as Sears, Best Buy, Lowes and several others. While you are out shopping, keep the following tips in mind:

Be Clear On What You Need?

Before you leave your home, it might be a good idea to decide exactly what it is you need. Appliances these days can be technical and complicated, offering many bells and whistles you may think are cool, but probably not necessary for the appliance to do what it needs to do. Fridges, for example; you can buy a Samsung tablet fridge. You might now be wondering, what a tablet fridge is? Which is exactly the point? Doing your research on what is available will help you decide what you need versus what you don’t.

Choosing a product that will use less power, and keep your perishables cold is all you need when it comes to a refrigerator. The handy ice maker on the door would be nice, but do you need it? It does sound wonderful to have a fridge that makes ice for your drinks but think about how much extra your refrigerator will cost if you decide you want this feature.

Be Willing to Barter:

When you purchase a car, there is always room for negotiation, in-fact car salesman thrives on this game. Even if you have never negotiated for anything before, why not give it a try. Some employees are paid bonuses if they sell high priced items or might even work on commission. Even if that is not the case with the store you choose in Surrey; it doesn’t matter, sales assistants know they earn respect from their co-workers and managers if they are good at closing the deal. This means that many sale people who work in appliance stores love playing this game.

If you intend on paying cash for your appliance, negotiating a lower price can often get you a discount, so it is worth asking for a discount for cash. You also might want to consider making an offer on the store’s display model. Some stores will quite often give the customer a better deal on the display model. Even if you do not succeed in negotiating a better deal, there is no harm in asking. Even if the manager or sales assistant does not discount the price, he or she may offer free delivery or a free extended warranty.

Do Your Research On Price At All Outlets:

Many of the top appliance store in Surrey, BC will offer to match a lower price on the same item found somewhere else. This is why it is really important to do your research on the price of the appliance you want at the outlets it is available. Some outlets will even offer a small percentage off the purchase price. You can download a barcode scanning application to your phone, so you can keep track of prices at each outlet.

If you choose to buy your appliance online, Best Buy are one outlet that will match the price if you find a lower price elsewhere. In some cases even if you’ve already purchased your appliance, you might be eligible to receive a refund if prices go down after you’ve bought the item. This is called a price adjustment policy, which would probably have a time limit.

Buy A Second-Hand Appliance:

A terrific way to save money on a household appliance is to buy pre-owned items. Great savings can be made here, and you might even get lucky and receive a short term warranty. This depends on the secondhand store’s policy. Always do your research on the appliance you want, so that you know what to look for regarding whether the appliance is faulty or not.

You can buy online from a site like Craigslist or Ebay, and your appliance will be delivered to you. Do your research on what it is likely to cost to have the appliance delivered to your door. If you buy locally in Surrey, and it’s convenient, you may be able to save on delivery costs and pick up the item yourself. Some online outlets might even offer free shipping.

Keep An Eye Out For Cosmetic Damage:

If you find an appliance with minor scratches in the paint or tiny dents, you could get the item for a terrific price. Even it the box is torn, the store may be willing to knock ten percent or more off the retail price. For instance, minor scratches in the paint of a fridge could see you buying it a lot cheaper than retail.

Many online outlets have offers on appliances that have minor cosmetic damage, try checking out sites like Goedeker’s. Another benefit of shopping online is that some online appliance stores will offer delivery for free. This can save you quite a lot of money if you don’t mind a few chips in the enamel of your new washing machine or a small dent in your new fridge.

Go Shopping During The Sales:

The holiday sales usually include big discounts on appliances, such as televisions, dishwashers, stereo systems and many other items. Usually, these stores are trying to move certain items to make room for new stock. Older models are often marked down, and these prices usually equate to a pretty good deal.

Shops like Ben’s Appliances often have sales all the time over the year.

If you are shopping for a refrigerator, wait until June. This is when the newer models are released, and the store will knock the price down on older models. You are not missing anything if you don’t buy a new model when it comes to a fridge. An older model will serve your purposes just fine. The newer models are just changes to the style and appearance.

Use Gift Cards And Coupons:

Some gift cards also include discounts, and if you have coupons, you stand to save a lot more. Keep an eye out for special promotions offering discounts to gift card shoppers. If you know you are going to be in the market for that new television, it is a great idea to hold onto any gift cards you receive for stores that sell the appliance you want.

You can also jump online and go to GiftCardGranny. They offer gift cards at a discount of anywhere up to ten percent off, which helps you save on big ticket items. You can buy gift cards on this site for Lowes and The Home Depot. If you have coupons for your chosen store, this can save you even more on your new appliance. Often these coupons are available via the outlet’s loyalty programs which many of the big stores have implemented for consumers.

Figure Out What Your Appliance Will Cost To Run:

You might be buying a washing machine. One of the first things you should research is how much it is going to add to your power bill to operate it. You will save money on a yearly basis if you choose an appliance that does not use an excess of energy to run. You should also research ways that you can save on your power bills, such as when to use a cold wash or a hot wash cycle, using a cold wash as often as you can save you money on your energy bills. Also, bear in mind the costs of installation and delivery, and there also might be a fee if you call someone to come and get your old washing machine, particularly if it is not operational anymore.

Extended Warranties Aren’t Necessary:

If you do agree to the extended warranty, then you are paying around $120 extra that is of little benefit to you. Consumer experts all agree that the extended warranty does not benefit the customer. You should refuse the extended warranty no matter how much the sales people insist that you need it and some sales people could be pushy about this. The best thing you can do to make sure you get value for money from your new appliance is looked after it.

For example, if you have bought a new television. Make sure it is dusted regularly so that no dust can get inside the appliance. Clean your television according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you make sure that all care is taken with your new appliance, you really should get at least five to ten years use out of the product. Sometimes things do go wrong, but for the most part, the warranty that comes with the appliance at no extra cost is all you need.

Save Money By Claiming A Rebate On Your Old Appliance:

There is still a rebate offered to customers in the market for a new appliance. A government initiative called Cash for Appliances will pay customers up to $250 if they trade in their old appliance for a new appliance. The other condition is that the consumer needs to purchase an energy efficient appliance, the benefits being that they save money on their powers bills and get a great deal on a new appliance. The government benefits by reducing consumer energy consumption, which is believed to benefit the environment. Sears advertise a rebate offer to their customers.

Decide What To Do With Your Old Appliance:

Depending on the condition of your old appliance, you may be able to list it on Craig’s List or other online auction or sale websites. Appliance repair shops may also be interested in buying your non-working appliance for the parts. Another option could be selling your old appliance to a scrap metal yard. Sometimes the scrap metal companies will offer to pick it up. You may find an article on Popular Mechanics interesting regarding selling scrap metal.

Using the ideas above you may be able to put the funds towards your new appliance. Another idea would be to swap an old appliance that works for a service or perhaps even a second-hand appliance. You may want to consider searching the web for a buy, swap and sell website that is in the Surrey area.

Smart Tips For Buying Household Appliances In Surrey
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